19.11.2022 - Presentation of the Keuruun Museo exhibition:


keuruun taiteilijaseura, Keuruun Museo


Vuosi Näytelly

15.10 - 28.11.2022

Avoinna ma - pe klo 11 – 17, la 11 - 16
Vapaa pääsy
Kangasmannilantie 4, 42700 Keuruu
Collective exhibition from the artists association KEURUUN TAITEILIJASEURA



Welcome to my website

Welcome everyone!

You will find on my site the drawings I do in Finland, mainly in Lapland.
Landscapes, animals, I try to recreate the dazzling beauty of the northern wilderness. In our time machines, industries and environmental destruction, the last paradises on earth disappear and few people have the chance to see one day.
I draw with ink, colored ink and acrylic on paper.
I wish you a good visit!
Séverine Cuénod